Specifying blocked file types

ZipOut honors Outlook's settings for attachment blocking, including file extensions that you have added to the Level1Remove key and attachment blocking set by an Exchange Administrator.

Additional file extensions can be added to the blocked attachments list by clicking the Block Attachments... button on the ZipOut Configuration dialog To add a file type to the list displayed in the Block Attachments dialog box shown below, click Add and type the extension (without the leading . ) in the Input box. If the extension is registered on your system, its friendly name will appear in the list. Select an extension and click Delete to remove it from the list. Click OK to accept changes to the list of excluded extensions or click Cancel to discard changes.

Blocked Attachments List


File Extension Description
.ade Microsoft Access Project Extension
.adp Microsoft Access Project
.app FoxPro generated application
.bas Visual Basic® Module
.bat Batch File
.cer Security Certificate
.chm Compiled HTML Help File
.cmd Windows NT® Command Script
.com MS-DOS® Application
.cpl Control Panel Extension
.crt Security Certificate
.csh Unix shell script
.exe Application
.fxp FoxPro file
.hlp Windows® Help File
.hta HTML program
.inf Setup Information File
.ins Internet Naming Service
.isp Internet Communication Settings
.js JScript® File
.jse JScript Encoded Script File
.ksh Unix shell script
.lnk Shortcut
.mda Microsoft Access Add-in program
.mdb Microsoft Access database
.mde Microsoft Access MDE database
.mdt Microsoft Access Add-in data
.mdw Microsoft Access Workgroup Information
.mdz Microsoft Access Wizard program
.msc Microsoft Common Console Document
.msi Windows Installer Package
.msp Windows Installer Patch
.mst Windows Installer Transform
.ops Office Profile Settings File
.pcd Photo CD Image or Microsoft Visual Test compiled script
.pif Shortcut to MS-DOS Program
.prf Outlook profile information (msrating.dll)
.prg FoxPro program source file
.pst Office Data File
.reg Registration Entries
.scf Windows Explorer command
.scr Screen Saver
.sct Windows Script Component
.shb Shortcut into a document
.shs Shell Scrap Object
.tmp Temporary file
.url Internet Shortcut (Uniform Resource Locator)
.vb VBScript File
.vbe VBScript Encoded Script File
.vbs VBScript Script File
.vsw Microsoft Visio Workspace file
.ws Windows Script file
.wsc Windows Script Component
.wsf Windows Script File
.wsh Windows Scripting Host Settings File
.xnk Microsoft Exchange Shortcut